DC Trip

Hanging out in DC today. I came, kind-of on a whim, to meet with a Purlem user. This is not something I do often. Scratch that. I’ve never gone anywhere to meet with a Purlem user. Although Bob is different.

dc.jpgOn my morning run

Bob is using PURLs in an entirely different way - as a means to identify who are the most influential people, teams, and states for political campaigns.

Together, Bob and I “hacked” together a solution with Purlem for the Carly for America campaign. I say “hacked” because we used Purlem in ways that it wasn’t necessarily intended. We did it this way to first test how effective the PURLs would be. Turned out, they were effective.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 2.27.58 PM.pngThe Carly PURL

So we got together today to brainstorm a more permanent solution. I’m excited about this project as it could open up some very interesting (and effective) use-cases for PURLs.

Meeting in person probably wasn’t required. Like I said, I’ve never done this before. But MariKate encouraged me to do it. It was really nice to meet Bob, and collaborate a bit in person. And, let’s be honest - I like to travel and get some good distraction-free work done!


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