Samsung Test Drive

The other day, reading through Feedly, I noticed that Sumsung was offering a “Test Drive” of their devices for only $1. The twist was, that you needed to sign up for the Test Drive with an iPhone. Thought that was brilliant!

I’ve been looking for an excuse to try Samsung (and more specifically Android) since nearly all of my productivity tools are on Google’s platform - Google Inbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc… Apple has not been playing very nicely integrating with Google, so this was a perfect opportunity to see what Android had to offer.

IMG_3922 (1).JPG

So yesterday I got my phone. It comes ready to go with a free month’s service from Verizon. And they couldn’t have made it easier to get up and running. You literally connect your iPhone to the Samsung, and everything syncs right up. Pretty impressive.

Apparently others thought the offer was pretty clever as well. Looks like I got my test drive just in time.



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